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If you need larger quantities for your get together,
we can  help prepare for your big event. 

What do we offer?   great question! we're so glad you asked..

Vegan Wraps: Our vegan wraps and vegetarian sandwiches are so YUM, they just may sway that 
strict meat eater in your life to eat some veggies. ;)

Large Salads: Need big, beautiful greens dressed with our housemade crafted dressings? We got you covered.

Baked Goods: So many options to choose from, so many delicious options. Don't see what you want? We're always (almost always) up for the challenge; if asked nicely. 

Coffee: Have fresh drip coffee, with beans from our local coffee roaster, for your next event. This is the coffee that keeps us going and we would love to keep your next event alive with the best caffeinated liquid gold. 

      Take a scroll bellow to see some of our favorites...

Waiting Room

Honey Habanero Turkey Wrap: Avacado spread, Vegan Turkey from master Seitan makers at the behive in nashville, fresh veg, and sweet spicy duo honey habanero.

Spicy Buffalo Chikpea Sandwich - Our Creamy, robust chickpea salad, lettuce, tomato, and onion; with a little spread of mayo. Not into spicy? Ask about the O.G.

Southwest Avocado Wrap - Wanna take a trip? We invite you to a tastebud journey with this buttery avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, and our house made Southwest Sauce.

Waiting Room

Southwest Salad - Major amounts of Greens, some onion, tomato, black beans, corn, carrots, and cheese with our house made Southwest Dressing.

Not your mama's veggie soup - It ain't mama's, but it was inspired by the veggie soup I ate as a kiddo and then elevated to new heights. Mama approved of this message.

Classic Plain Jane Salad - Feeling in the need for plain comfort? You made the right choice. Greens, carrot, onion, tomato, and cheese with your choice of dressing-- ya know; for the mood.

Waiting Room

These are Not-Donuts - They're kinda like little Debrah got saved and started making things right. So, soft and fluffy and tasty-- and available in all kinds of flavors.

Signature Roasted for our Bakery by Jay at Copper Cockerell Coffee, locally in Loretto, TN. Only the best beans for our pastries.

Honey Almond Sticky Buns- Think Sticky Buns can only be made with pecans? Think again. We'll put whatever you want on these bad boys for your next party.

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