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Top 10 Most Memorable Broken Things in the Bakery

A kitchen is sure to have many a broken thing. Here's the top ten things that have been broken in our bakery.

cute pastel cupcake stand

Number 10. My beloved pastel cupcake stands. I was gifted a set of 4. We have one left. I can't stand that these broke.

bonne maman jar fruit jar

Number 9. Bonne Maman preserve jars. Made in France and apparently strong as steel. These have been dropped time and time again. Somehow, we've managed to only break a couple.

Bamboo lid coffee print glass tumbler

Number 8. Glass Straws. We LOVE our cute glasses from Miss Kristi, but the anxiety is high. glass straw + concrete floor = glass everywhere.

Number 7. Coffee Cups. Pictured was just a goodwill special, but she was special. Broken by, yours truly. </3

green Vero not-neutral coffee cup

Number 6. Not-Neutral coffee glasses. This one hurts my finances and feelings. No further comment.

3 compartment commercial sink wrong

Number 5. If your name is Candace, let me explain. Candace is lovingly what we named our sink. She's always broken and always causing trouble. Double whammy: pictured is from the time I absentminded filled the sanitizing section of the sink with soap water instead of bleach water. ~_~

Hisense mini fridge

Number 4. Ahh the mini fridge! A place where things go to randomly freeze. If you've ever walked in on me hugging a pitcher of cold-brew back to warmth you know all about our mini fridge randomly freezing its contents. *updated to add: this issue has been solved! The nob kept getting hit and would turn down the temperature. Nothin' a little tape couldn't fix.

empty bakery kitchen

Number 3. The ovens. Kinda need those to work, eh?

white kitchen aide hand mixer

Number 2. Hand mixers. They're quick in-a-pinch. They're cute. They break.

cute bakery owner snarl

Number 1. Allie. No explanation needed.

"Hey Alexa, Play "broken people by Jonny Diaz"...

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