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Imagine rivers of chocolate goodness, and you're floating on a chocolate bar carved into a boat, as you're passing through a chocolate waterfall. Birthday wish come true (check). This lucious Traditional Chocolate Birthday Cake comes in a traditional cake pattern buttercream, 3 layers of old-fashioned chocolate cake, and a ribbon of chocolate buttercream piping around the top. As beatuful as it tastes, this cake will make your Chocolate wish come true. Available in 6inch or 8inch.

Generous Serving Size

6 inch: 4-6 (Large Portions)

8 inch: 10-15 (Large Portions) (as pictured)

• 3 Layer Cake

  * This item is non-shippable.

Traditional Chocolate Birthday Celebration Cake

  • Availability: Available within 1-2 Days

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